Project planning and scheduling of work

In this section, you can see different stages of the project, the objectives set and the timetable.

As you know, the project has three main moments that call Phase A, Phase B and Phase C. Then we set the stage briefly and calendar. For more information on the phases, or more detailed, you can also see the section “What is Basic Skills and Development Education?”

Phase A (November 2010 – Jul 2012)

Creation of the working group or community of participants for the construction of a theoretical and methodological reference of DEAR.

Compatibility and build a theoretical and methodological reference of DEAR (from the field of teaching basic skills and from the definition of the field performance of the DEAR.

Establish the training needs of both education professionals in the field as professionals in the field of NGOs.

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Phase B (Sept 2012 – Dec 2012)

Concrete proposals to incorporate the curriculum (through workshops and virtual interactions), the analysis of these proposals and draft a document that will guide prior to the third stage.

Identification and selection of proposals that DEAR of the different educational stages.

Analyze the proposals selected in relation to the framework built by the working group.

Redefine and / or proposing educational proposals in accordance with the theoretical and methodological working group.

Although we are now specifying the timing of the project.

Phase C (January 2013 – Sept 2013)

Implementation and evaluation of theoretical and methodological principles and skills EPD program in the field of formal and informal education.

Experiencing the recommendations of the Basic Skills and DEAR program in two schools (one primary and one secondary).

Advise the technical staff of NGOs in the development and implementation of educational materials that promote the principles of the DEAR.

Assess the implementation of the recommendations of the theoretical and methodological guide for the teaching staff and the team developing the guide.

Review and improve the theoretical and methodological guide for DEAR.

Although we are now specifying the timing of the project.

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